New Year brings New Changes!

December 27, 2014
Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and updating you with the latest changes! We no longer have the 2 Dollar Thrill location in El Cajon, yet we are still going strong with lots of local support at our Ocean Beach 2 Dollar Thrill.

If you havent in been in our neighbor sister store (Thrift Trader)...we have invited SPEAK EASY CLOTHING CO to take residence in the back area. They sell trendy new clothing with great prices!! Its worth it to stop in and check it out!!! 



April 7, 2014
2 Dollar Thrill is proud to announce the newest location that has opened up in El Cajon!!! It is located at 447 Broadway, in the O'Reilly auto parts store center. Come by and check us out!!
Everything is really just $2 !!! Clothes dvds cds books records ............

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New Thrift Trader Location!!!

August 1, 2013
-Thrift Trader has a NEW store!!! The address is 2947 El Cajon Blvd/30th Street. Its still the same cool deal $5.99 or 4 for $20. Buy,Sell or Trade your goods. LPs, Dvds, Books, Clothes, Accessories.....Call for more info 619-261-1744
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Halloween costumes Needed!!

September 20, 2012
October is creeping up on us quickly! Are you wondering what you might dress up as this year?? but still have your old costume that you wont wear again for the 2nd or 3rd time? Bring it in to a Thrift Trader (North Park, Ocean Beach or Pacific Beach) and trade it for something else! If everybody starts bringing in their costumes soon, theyre could be alot of cool stuff to pick from before Halloween gets here! Why not recycle that old costume and put it to good use!!
**please make sure its in g...
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Ocean Beach Thrift Trader is now OPEN!

June 2, 2012
Tomorrow Sat Jun 2, we will be opening the doors of our new location in Ocean Beach!!
The Address is 4879 Newport Avenue, next to the $2 Thrill store!
Now you can come to OB and trade or sell your stuff, and of course shop around.

Grand Opening Special - through June 10th - all Lps and Books are only $2 each.

Come by and see why you need to start recycling your things, 2 of your items you dont want.... for 1 of ours that you really do want !   ** all done on approval 

Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Rock On 
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Ocean Beach Thrift Trader is coming soon!!!

June 1, 2012
The Grand Opening our OB Thrift Trader is happening very soon! We will be trading and buying your stuff and selling items for 5.99 or 4 for $20....Items include Cds, Dvds, Lps, Books and Clothing!  Check out our " Links" section on the home page for Thrift Trader website and info. Thanks for all your support! Dont forget toYelp us and like us on Facebook. 
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Article in "Your Magazine"

January 24, 2012

2 Dollar Thrill


Recycle, Rock it, Revolutionize into a new way of buying clothes and music. Alana Martins, owner of 2 Dollar Thrill is bringing the “recycle vibe" into O.B. This little eclectic boutique is a hidden gem filled with $2 dollar items ranging from men/women's casual wear to jewelry, vinyl records, DVD'S, and CD's. The artwork on the walls are hand painted by Alana herself, this is great décor for any living room or to fill any space that is screaming for some great art. She ...

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San Diego Rescue Mission

January 11, 2012
Ever wonder what we do with our "dogs" (clothes that may not be great enough to sell to you, outdated or sittin' in overstock for too long)??....we have been donating them and supporting the San Diego Rescue Mission!
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New location for Thrift Trader PB

January 11, 2012
Hello Everyone!! Hope the holidays treated you well. We have had some changes, or should I say improvements! Our PB store is now back at its original location! The address is 1416 Garnet Avenue, next to Cow and Goodwill. It looks way better and we now have more space than our previous store. More space = more cool stuff!! Come by and visit us :) As always...$5.99 or 4 items for $20
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Celebration time!!!!

June 2, 2011
Hello to all of you 2 Dollar Thrill Fans! 
We want to invite you and your friends to the 4th Anniversary Celebration of the place that makes it all happen....THRiFT Trader !!!!!! There is no cover charge, or age limit!  It will be held at Queen Bees in North Park at 8 pm on Sat Jun 4th.  Live Music and Art by owners, and FREE item for THRiFT Trader  just for showing up! ***See attached flyer for details.
And of course....thank you soo much for all your support and for shopping...

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