2 Dollar Thrill


Recycle, Rock it, Revolutionize into a new way of buying clothes and music. Alana Martins, owner of 2 Dollar Thrill is bringing the “recycle vibe" into O.B. This little eclectic boutique is a hidden gem filled with $2 dollar items ranging from men/women's casual wear to jewelry, vinyl records, DVD'S, and CD's. The artwork on the walls are hand painted by Alana herself, this is great décor for any living room or to fill any space that is screaming for some great art. She has a passion for art with an eye for style. The staff is very welcoming and always willing to help you find that one piece that's missing from your wardrobe or to complete a look from head to toe. Be sure to drop in next time you're strolling around the Ocean Beach area.

4871 Newport Ave.
San Diego, CA
            (619) 222-2772      
Contact Person : Alana
By: Yolanda Diaz